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2023 Upper Deck Marvel Allegiance: Avengers VS X-Men Hobby Box

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Marvel Allegiance: Avengers VS X-Men Hobby Box 

Debuting in 2023 is Allegiance: Avengers VS. X-Men, a new Upper Deck brand focusing on story arcs from the Marvel comics, featuring Turning Point holograms, Chapters sets and thematic inserts! This set encompasses the 12 issues narrating the crossover story of Avengers VS. X-Men in the Marvel Publishing Universe!
Product Breakdown: 90 Card Chapters Set and 90 Card Base Set Collect colorful Base Set Parallels! - Rainbow, Red Rainbow & Blue Rainbow
Numbered Base Set Parallels Include: - Green Reality - Orange Power - Purple Cosmic - X-Men - Avengers - Cosmic - #'d 1-of-1
Search for Chapters Set Autographs and Printing Plates!
New lenticular insert & foiled cards! Find Collision Events lenticular inserts - including short prints of the X-Babies and A-Babies Gather Protectors of Utopia and To Save the Earth deco foil cards Look for classic Spectromatic History triangular pattern rainbow foil board cards: - Red - Blue - Green - Orange - Purple
Grab retro style Turning Point Hologram cards
Thematic Inserts: - Cosmic Covers - A Cosmic Journey - Story of Hope Summers
1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards! - Look for Sketch Cards hand-drawn by talented artists!

Box Hits: - [1] Base Set: Red, Green & Purple parallel or Chapters Set Rainbow Card - [1] Serial #'d Parallel Card - [6] Ratio'd Inserts

Chase Hits: - Original Art Sketch Cards - 1-of-1 Base Set Cosmic Parallel - Comic Cuts - Comic Cut Booklets - Clipping Autograph Booklets - Printing Plates
Configuration: 16 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack

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