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2022-23 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Hobby

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Every Box contains One Autographed Future Watch, One Additional Autograph, One Pageantry Red Parallel, One #'d Insert/Rare Tech Insert, At Least One Spectrum FX Bounty Card, Six Pageantry Cards, Eight Base Set/Future Watch Limited Red Cards & Ten Collaborations/True Leaders/SP Top Rookies Cards!

The popular SP Authentic base set features 100 star veterans and 100 Future Watch Rookies. The perennially-coveted Future Watch Rookies cards are #'d to 999 and the autograph versions are hard- signed! Additionally, the first 50 autographed cards for each player (1/999 - 50/999), on average, will also feature a "Debut Date" inscription.
- COLLECT TWO AUTOGRAPHS PER BOX! Every box contains, on average, one Autographed Future Watch Rookies card and an additional autograph card, which could be a second Autographed Future Watch Rookies card!
- Look for Future Watch - Limited Red, Limited Gold (#'d to 99) and 1-of-1 Limited Black cards! These cards are unsigned versions of the Future Watch Rookies cards that can be collected alongside the Limited Red, Limited Gold (#'d to 99) and 1-of-1 Limited Black parallels of the regular base set. Collect eight Limited Red cards per box, on average!

Look for more awesome Future Watch rookie cards, including, but not limited to:
- Future Watch Auto Patch: Hard-signed and #'d to 100.
- NEW! 2012-13 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch: Hard-signed; three tiers of rarity, all #'d to 100 or less.
- NEW! 2012-13 Retro Autographed Future Watch: Hard-signed; two tiers of rarity, each #'d to 699 or less.
- Spectrum FX: Future Watch (Levels 1-3) Bounty Cards: A subset of the beautiful Spectrum Lite FX bounty set that also includes 40 star veteran cards.
Collect the entire set to earn amazing award cards! More information on the bounty program below.
- Retro Acetate Future Watch: Be on the lookout for acetate versions of some iconic retro Future Watch designs.

Bolster your card collection with popular Limited Auto Material and UD Authentics Auto Patch cards featuring hard-signed autographs and premium game- used memorabilia from many of the biggest names in the game today! Collect all four tiers of the Limited Auto Material set (each #'d to 100 or less) and both tiers of the UD Authentics Auto Patch set (both #'d to 49 or less).

Look for cards from these insert sets:
- Pageantry: Features star veterans, top rookies and legends; keep an eye out for hard-signed Auto and Black Auto (#'d 1-of-1) parallels. Collect 1 Pageantry Red Parallel per box, on average!
- Holofoils: Collectors will be chasing after these rare hologram insert cards featuring star veterans, top rookies and legends.
- NEW! Collaborations: This 25-card dual-subject insert set focuses on teammates who frequently work together to impact the game! Be on the lookout- for Blue and Green parallels.


The Mission: Collect the complete 91-card Spectrum FX bounty set!

Award Cards to Earn: The first 50 collectors to complete the 91-card Spectrum FX set will receive the 100-card Gold Spectrum FX set, the nine-card Spectrum FX Bounty Award Set and a surprise bonus. Thereafter, all remaining collectors to complete the Spectrum FX Bounty Set will receive only the nine-card Spectrum FX Bounty Award Set.

Redeem all bounty cards at! For more information about the bounty program, visit the site on or after release date.


Autographed Memorabilia Cards:
- New! 2012-13 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch (Tier 1) #'d to 100
- New! 2012-13 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch (Tier 2) #'d to 50
- New! 2012-13 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch (Tier 3) #'d to 25
- Future Watch Auto Patch #'d to 100
- Future Watch Auto Patch - Mystery Black Parallel #'d 1-of-1
- Limited Auto Material (Tier 1) #'d to 100
- Limited Auto Material (Tier 2) #'d to 50
- Limited Auto Material (Tier 3) #'d to 25
- Limited Auto Material (Tier 4) #'d to 10
- UD Authentics Auto Patch (Tier 1) #'d to 49
- UD Authentics Auto Patch (Tier 2) #'d to 25

Autograph Cards:
- New! 2002-03 Retro Autographed Future Watch (Tier 1) #'d to 399
- New! 2002-03 Retro Autographed Future Watch (Tier 2) #'d to 99
- New! 2002-03 Retro Sign of the Times 1:120
- New! 2012-13 Retro Autographed Future Watch (Tier 1) #'d to 699
- New! 2012-13 Retro Autographed Future Watch (Tier 2) #'d to 199
- Autographed Future Watch Rookies #'d to 999
- Base Set - Limited Auto Parallel 1:60
- Base Set Autographed Future Watch Rookies #'d to 999
- Chirography 1:160
- New! Curated Signatures Varied #'ing
- Immortal Ink #'d to 10
- Marks of Distinction #'d to 25
- Pageantry - Auto Parallel 1:67
- Pageantry - Black Auto Parallel #'d 1-of-1
- Sign of the Times 1:32
- Sign of the Times 2 #'d to 25
- Sign of the Times 3 #'d to 15
- Sign of the Times 4 #'d to 10
- Sign of the Times 6 #'d to 6
- Sign of the Times 8 #'d to 5
- Sign of the Times Rookies 1:864
- New! Telemetry Autographs 1:480
- UD Authentics Autographs 1:70

Bounty Cards:
- Spectrum FX: Veterans 1:10
- Spectrum FX: Future Watch (Level 1) 1:20
- Spectrum FX: Future Watch (Level 2) 1:42
- Spectrum FX: Future Watch (Level 3) 1:160

Non-Auto/Mem Insert Cards:
- New! Collaborations 1:5
- New! Collaborations - Blue Parallel 1:24
- New! Collaborations - Green Parallel 1:120
- Future Icons #'d to 399
- Holofoils 1:160
- Pageantry 1:2
- Pageantry - Red Parallel 1:10
- Top Rookies 1:3
- Top Rookies - Blue Parallel 1:12
- Top Rookies - Green Parallel 1:60
- True Leaders 1:5
- True Leaders - Blue Parallel 1:24
- True Leaders - Green Parallel 1:120

Regular Base Set Cards:
- Base Set (1-100) N/A
- Base Set Non-Autographed Future Watch Rookies #'d to 999
- Base Set - Limited Red Parallel 1:3
- Base Set - Limited Blue Parallel #'d to 399
- Base Set - Limited Gold Parallel #'d to 99
- Base Set - Limited Black Parallel #'d 1-of-1
- Future Watch - Limited Red (101-200) 1:3
- Future Watch - Limited Blue #'d to 399
- New! Future Watch - Limited Green #'d to 199
- Future Watch - Limited Gold Parallel #'d to 99
- Future Watch - Limited Black Parallel #'d 1-of-1

10 Packs per Box, 9 Cards per Pack

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